Florida, USA

Bio: First and foremost I am a Drill Sergeant for the United States Army and it is a big part of my life. I was fortunate enough to attend Daytona State College, studying Culinary Management with a focus on French and Italian Cuisine. I have always cooked Italian food... It's kind of hard not to when you come from Sicilian family. As I grow as a chef, I have made the shift from the European cuisine to American fare; having had the opportunity to work under a BBQ pitmaster, still keeping my knowledge of European ingredients, but creating a different yet delectable type of fusion. I mean, our American fare is derived from our European ancestors when they started colonizing here in America and began incorporating new kinds of ingredients. I enjoy teaching people different and innovative ways to cook and have a passion for trying new things! I have also been blessed with having the opportunity to have traveled abroad and was exposed to unimaginable and wonderful culinary experiences from places like South Korea, Greece, London, the Netherlands, Macedonia, Kosovo and Russia, not mention American cuisine and International cuisines ranging from the East to the West Coast of the United States. I hope to pass my knowledge onto my readers and anyone who wishes to journey into a world of surprises and adventure through my culinary experiences. Remember, it takes time to grow, but we are all great from within and it's time that we let our inner chef out! Bon Appetit!

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