Chicken Stock

Chicken Stock:

  • 8 lbs chicken bones
  • 1 sachet d’épices
  • 2 tsp salt (I use coarse sea salt)
  • 1 lb mirepoix (8 oz onion, 4 oz carrot, 4 oz celery), medium-dice
  • 1 gallon cold water


  1. Heat a stockpot over medium high heat, then add mireproix.
  2. After rinsing bones under cool running water, place them in a stockpot.
  3. Add cold water and salt, then slowly bring the stock to a simmer and depouillage (skim surface) when needed. *the water should cover approx. 2 inches of the bones.
  4. Simmer the stock for 4 to 6 hours, tasting periodically and depouillage as necessary.
  5. Finally, Strain the stock. It can be used now or stored for later use, but if it stored it needs to be rapidly cooled.

**Safe methods for cooling:

  1. Ice-water bath – easy and commonly used method. Divide food into smaller containers, then place containers in a sink or large pot filled with ice water, stirring the stock to cool more evenly and faster.
  2. Ice paddle – Plastic ice paddles are a great and easy way to cool stock. They can be filled with ice or filled with water and then frozen, if you have a big enough freezer.

These methods can be combined for even faster cooling.



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